About Us

We are a B2B company located next to the Baltic Sea in beautiful, highly digitized Estonia, with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry all across Europe and the USA.

We are constantly scouring the IT market for gold, trying to find the best cybersecurity solutions.

Why Estonia?

Estonia is a place for independent minds

Estonia was one of the first countries in the world that was hit by cyber-attacks, and the first to respond. "e-Estonia" is a term commonly used to describe Estonia's emergence as one of the most advanced e-societies in the world.

Today 98% of banking transactions in Estonia are conducted through the internet, and almost all households are digital.

You might have heard about Skype or another successfull Estonian companies such as Pipedrive, TransferWise or Taxify.
We are here to learn from the Estonian approach and provide you with new, unique cyber-security products to support and protect all types of businesses within the EU.

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