Simplified & Affordable Cybersecurity Solution

Breach Detection, Network Visibility and Vulnerability Management for SMBs

    • Cybowall is a non-intrusive, agentless solution that provides complete and continuous monitoring of your network across all protocols and extending to all endpoints.


    • Cybowall protects your network in real time, detecting and reacting to threats as they arise.


    • Reduce risks to your organization by gaining full visibility on your network.


    • Cybowall enables organizations to quickly detect potential vulnerabilities, active breaches and automatically respond to threats as they are discovered.


    • It aids compliance management and reporting, and records and analyzes all events and incidents within the network for further investigation.


    • Cybowall combines multiple cybersecurity tools and capabilities in ONE solution.


Solution Features

Asset Mapping: Continuously updated list of all endpoints, including port profiles and activities

Intrusion Detection:
Full inbound and outbound network traffic visibility

SIEM: Log management, event management and reporting

Network Traps:
Enable insight into lateral movement between endpoints and detect threats

Vulnerability Assessment:
Monitor business assets and identify vulnerable systems inside the network

Automated Response: Policy-based response capabilities according to assigned activity and risk factor scores

Solution Benefits