Malware Protection

Simple, Automated, Affordable

A cloud-based DNS blackhole takes control of malicious traffic as it leaves your network. 
By taking control of the traffic, we can stop the attack and educate your users.

We keep you safe from:

  • Phishing
  • Malvertising
  • Exploit Kits
  • Ransomware
  • & all other forms of malware

3 Common Threat Scenarios

Happy Clickers

Scenario: No matter how much user education you provide, every organization has one or two employees who click anything that comes their way. This is how spray-and-pray phishing attacks succeed. Once a user clicks, you could be left with a time-consuming cleanup or a full-on ransomware attack.

Protection: We stop any device from communicating with malicious sites that house ransomware. We can also usually identify which device made the request, so cleanup is simple and fast.


Highly Targeted Spearphishing

Scenario: Hopefully your team is well-trained to spot phishing attempts, but accidents happen. Whether a user is distracted or the attack is well-disguised, you are never going to hit 0% click rates. Targeted phishing attacks often go after key employees with access to the CEO or sensitive information and can lead to major fallout, such as information loss and legal troubles.

Protection: After a user has clicked a phishing link, we step in and prevent the user’s machine from actually connecting with the malicious site. We keep password credentials safe, and stop the user from disclosing company secrets. As a bonus, we help re-enforce phishing education.


Clickless Threats

Scenario: Sometimes attackers infect legitimate sites with malware. Users whose systems are not patched could be open to infection, even without clicking or falling for a phish. Clickless threats include malvertising and exploit kits, which can ultimately lead to information theft or ransomware.

Protection: We stop these attacks by preventing your network from downloading any malicious code. This foils attacks without impacting users. We then provide analysis and confirmation of safety. 


How we can support your business?

Easy to Deploy

With no agents or hardware required. No headaches, ongoing maintenance, or deployment challenges.


There is no security expertise required. We provide you a cloud-based managed service to keep you protected.


We offer an enterprise-level security solution for small business pricing. 

DNS-Based Security

By watching DNS requests (rather than network traffic), we provide a protection against encrypted traffic, phishing e-mails, and other tactics that hackers use to get past firewalls and antivirus.

Personal Attention

Our security experts offer direct, personalized insight on how to handle incidents and spot potential threats. Our team is an extension of yours, helping you stay secure.