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Organizations struggle to ensure that safeguards are consistently applied to protect their valuable information. Inconsistencies in security measures are often attributable to variations in available security products, support tools, administration techniques and delivery mechanisms.

Metrics are tools to facilitate decision making and improve performance and accountability. Measures are quantifiable, observable, and objective data supporting metrics. 4 out of 5 companies worldwide are not fully satisfied with their cybersecurity metrics.

Effective security metrics should be used to identify weaknesses (entry points for hackers), determine trends to better utilize security resources, and judge the success or failure of implemented security solutions.

Tronix Consulting will help you to review your organization’s security infrastructure against the following three principles to understand the existing information technology control framework:

Our Services were designed with your realities in mind, built to help you prioritize your security initiatives, align them with your business.
Our services drive measurable improvements and address both strategic and tactical aspects of improving security.

We will develop detailed documentation to support your security program, including vendor recommendations, prioritized execution roadmaps, and executive presentations.

We at Tronix are constantly on the outlook for vendors that offer next-Gen. solutions at the best price performance ratio possible.


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