Next-Generation threat protection

TRAPMINE Endpoint Protection Platform provides fool-proof defense against exploit attempts, file-less malware, ransomware and other forms of targeted attacks.

Most of the endpoint security solutions are based on signature detection technology which limits their protection capabilities to these ZERO-DAY attacks.

TRAPMINE combines proven technologies such as hardware assisted prevention, behavior monitoring and endpoint deception techniques to block cyber threats dead in their tracks.

Process Protection

All these apps are potential exploitation and attack path for hackers

  • Exploits specific to target environment
  • Exploit and macros could be used maliciously to drop malware
  • In today’s World, Zero-day exploits deployed in targeted attacks
  • APT is a targeted multi-step attack that uses Zero-Day or One-Day exploits to achieve its objectives
  • APT attacks armed with Zero-Day and One-Day exploits

Uncover zero-day attacks and APT operations

TRAPMINE is blocking attack techniques instead of identifying exploits, and it doesn’t rely on sandboxing, signature etc.

TRAPMINE achieves 100% prevention against in-the-wild and advanced custom threats.

TRAPMINE has been certified by UK based independent test lab "MRG-Effitas" for its effective protection against cyber threats.